Advantages of Good Employee Relationship

  1. It maintains harmony at the work place.

  2. It maintains healthy relationship among all the staff, boss and colleagues.

  3. It reduces absenteeism.

  4. It reduces attrition rates.

  5. It can retain more talented employees.

  6. It reduces cost on training due to low attrition rate.

  7. It improves moral level of employee’s and makes them more responsible.

  8. It increases quality and productivity of work.

  9. It encourages more creativity, new innovative techniques and ideas from employees.

  10. It can meet deadlines and 100% target before and on time.

  11. Management and Employee’s both are satisfied.

  12. It enhances optimum utilization of all the given resources.

  13. Better Time management and its utilization.

  14. Reduces unnecessary cost on hiring employees from outside as it can get good talent from within the organization.

  15. It makes employees stress free, enthusiastic, more focused towards the work and management’s expectations.

  16. When work culture is good, employees are excellent, quality is outstanding it attracts more client’s, new business, challenging projects and more profits to the organization.

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