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Best Questionnaire on Maslow’s Hierarchy Of Needs

Best Questionnaire on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs is as follows: Q1. Since how many years you have been working in this organization? a. 0-5 Years b. 5-10 Years c. 10-15… Read more »

Best Questionnaire on Employee Welfare Activities

One of the Most Popular Definitions of Employee Welfare is “Employee welfare is a comprehensive term including various services, benefits and facilities offered to employees & by the employers. Through such… Read more »

Free MBA Projects in HR, Finance and Marketing is offering free MBA Projects in HR Finance and Marketing. For that you have to write a article for this website. Rules for Article Writing: 1. Article must be… Read more »

List of MBA HR Project Topics

MBA HR Project Topics / Titles for MBA Projects MBA HR Project on 360 Degree Performance Appraisal MBA HR Project on Employee Attrition MBA HR Project on Employee Compensation MBA HR… Read more »


Advances of Public and Private Sector Banks of India for the year 2009,2010 and 2011 is as follows (Note Figures for Advances are in Crore Rupees): Oriental Bank of Commerce… Read more »

Worlds Best Questionnaire on Job Satisfaction

Job satisfaction can defined as extent of positive feelings or attitudes that individuals have towards their jobs. When a person says that he has high job satisfaction , it means… Read more »

DOWNLOAD MBA Projects is a place to order and Download MBA Projects.  Delivery will be through E-mail. Delivery will be made within 48 hours after payment. Customers can Download MBA project delivered… Read more »

Best Questionnaire For Analyzing Investors View Towards Mutual Fund Schemes

Best Questionnaire For Analyzing Investors View Towards Mutual Fund Schemes Q1. What is your Occupation? a. Private Job b. Govt. Job c. Business d. Retired Q2. What is your annual… Read more »

Best Customer Questionnaire for Quality Management in Hospitals

Quality management is a recent phenomenon. Quality management can be considered to have four main components: quality planning, quality control, quality assurance and quality improvement. Best customer questionnaire for quality… Read more »

Best Way to Calculate Sharpe Ratio with Example

Sharpe Ratio is helpful in evaluating Mutual Funds Performance. Higher the Sharpe Ratio better is the fund. Sharpe Ratio Formula = (Mean of Fund Returns – Risk Free Return) /… Read more »