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Worlds Best Free Antivirus – COMODO

One day my friend recommended COMODO antivirus to me. I thought if it is free it is not that effective. But It was really amazing. It has removed all the… Read more »

Why do insurers prefer ULIPs?

Insurers love ULIPs for several reasons. Most important of all, insurers can sell these policies with less capital of their own than what would be required if they sold traditional… Read more »

ULIP vs Fixed Deposit

There is always a degree of risk, however small, involved in a ULIP. Traditionally, investors preferred investing in safer instruments like Fixed Deposits, despite the lower returns. But Fixed Deposits… Read more »

ULIP vs Regular Insurance Policy

ULIP’s and Traditional policies both work alike. A part of the premium is set aside for life cover and the rest is invested in a fund after deducting charges. The… Read more »

Charges Under ULIP (Unit Linked Plans)

Contribution Related Charges : These are the charges that are represented as a percentage of the regular or single contribution paid. In case of a regular contribution plan, it is… Read more »

Unit Linked Plans (ULIP) in India

ULIP in India are on the top in the popularity chart because it offers more benefits than traditional life insurance plans. There are many benefits are available such as higher… Read more »

Define : Insurance

Life insurance is a contract that pledges payment of an amount to the person assured (or his nominee) on the happening of the event insured against. The contract is valid… Read more »

Best Questionnaire for Employee Motivation

Q1. Since how many years you have been working in this organization ? a. 0-5 Years b. 5-10 Years c. 10-15 Years d. More than 15 Years Q2. Rate your… Read more »

Main Objectives of WTO – World Trade Organization

The purpose of objectives of the WTO are spelled out in the preamble to Marrakesh Agreement. In a nutshell, these are : To ensure the reduction of tariffs and other… Read more »

Structure of WTO – World Trade Organization

The Organizational structure of the WTO is outlined in the following chart. The Ministerial Conference (MC) is at the top of the structured organization of the WTO. It is the… Read more »