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Features of WTO – World Trade Organization

The distinctive features of WTO – World Trade Organization are : Unlike the GATT, it is a legal entity. Unlike International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank it is not… Read more »

Major Difference Between GATT and WTO

1. GATT was ad hoc and provision but WTO and its agreements are permanent. 2. GATT had contracting parties but WTO has members. 3. GATT system allowed existing domestic legislation… Read more »

WTO – World Trade Organization

WTO has redefined the role of free trade in global framework. The establishment of World Trade Organization is the successor to the GATT on 1st January 1995. GATT which was… Read more »

Types of International Business

There are number of ways for internationalization / globalization of business. these are referred as foreign market entry strategies. Each of these ways has certain advantages and disadvantages. One strategy… Read more »

Problems in International Business

There are many Problems in International Business. The restraining forces slow down the progress of companies that take up International Business. The restraining forces are : First Main Problem in… Read more »

Main Difference Between Domestic and International Business

Main Difference Between Domestic and international Business are as follows :   S.No International Business Domestic Business 1. It is extension of Domestic Business and Marketing Principles remain same. The… Read more »

International Business

The Technology era since last two decades is bringing a fundamental shift in business around the globe. The national economies are opening up and allowing cross border trade and investments…. Read more »

Scope of Employee Welfare

The scope of employee Welfare cannot be limited, since it differs according to social customs and the degree of industrialization indifferent countries and at different times. They have to be… Read more »

Objectives of Employee Welfare

Labour Welfare aims at the whole development of the person of the working class. The Labour Welfare Policies of any organization should keep in mind the following objectives: To increase… Read more »

Non Statutory Schemes

Many non statutory welfare schemes may include the following schemes: Personal Health Care (Regular medical check-ups): Some of the companies provide the facility for extensive health check-up Flexi-time: The main… Read more »