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Need for Export Documentation (Exim Documentation)

No business will be carried out without the help of documents, hence their is a Need for Export Documentation (Exim Documentation). International trade/business developed, over the centuries, in an unstructured and… Read more »

Types of International Business

There are number of ways for internationalization / globalization of business. these are referred as foreign market entry strategies. Each of these ways has certain advantages and disadvantages. One strategy… Read more »

Problems in International Business

There are many Problems in International Business. The restraining forces slow down the progress of companies that take up International Business. The restraining forces are : First Main Problem in… Read more »

Main Difference Between Domestic and International Business

Main Difference Between Domestic and international Business are as follows :   S.No International Business Domestic Business 1. It is extension of Domestic Business and Marketing Principles remain same. The… Read more »

International Business

The Technology era since last two decades is bringing a fundamental shift in business around the globe. The national economies are opening up and allowing cross border trade and investments…. Read more »