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Quality of Work Life (QWL)

The term “quality of work life” (QWL) was first introduced in 1972 during an international labour relations conference. QWL received more attention after United Auto Workers and General Motors initiated… Read more »

Evaluate Quality of Work Life

QWL programs can be evaluated on the basis of following points: Fair compensation and job security: The economic interests of people drive them to work at a job and employee… Read more »

Factors Influencing / Decide The Quality of Work Life

The factors that influence and decide the Quality of work life are: Attitude: The person who is entrusted with a particular job needs to have sufficient knowledge, required skill and… Read more »

Elements in Quality of Work Life

Open communication Equitable reward system A concern for employee job security Participation in job design – job enrichment & organisational design Employee skill development Reduction of occupational stress Good employer-employee… Read more »