Functions of Employee Relationship Management

Following are the Important Functions of Employee Relationship Management

To creates healthy and balanced relationship within the organization as well as among the employer & employees.

  1. To foster’s work culture that is live, challenging and dynamic.

  2. To boost the confidence, morale level, encourages employees to give their 100%.

  3. To brings out inner potentials, creativity and make employees come out with new innovative ideas and opinions.

  4. To treat all the employees fairly without any discrimination and favoritism.

  5. To develops more coordination and better communication to avoid conflicts in the organization.

  6. To encourages employees participation in decision making, seminars, learning and culture programs.

  7. To makes employees more responsible and focused towards their task and make them feel their importance and their contribution towards the organization.

  8. To make employees more productive, efficient, skilled and proficient in their work.

  9. To help employees to be more flexible so that they are ready to take extra additional responsibilities as an when need arises.

  10. To maintain work culture where employees feel that work place is their Second Home which is stress free, with better infrastructure and other additional facilities like Gym, food courts, music while having coffee in rack room.

  11. To maintain health of employees by providing free medical facilities, health check ups on regular basis so that they feel that special attention and care is given to them.

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