Main Objectives of WTO – World Trade Organization

The purpose of objectives of the WTO are spelled out in the preamble to Marrakesh Agreement. In a nutshell, these are :

  1. To ensure the reduction of tariffs and other barriers to trade.
  2. To eliminate discriminatory treatment in international trade relations.
  3. To facilitate higher standards of living, full employment, a growing volume of real income and effective demand and an increase in production and trade in good and services of the member nations.
  4. To make positive effect, which insures developing countries especially the least developed secure level of share in the growth of international trade that reflects the needs of their economic development.
  5. To facilitates the optimal use of the world’s resources for sustainable development.
  6. To promote an integrated, more visible and durable trading system incorporating all the resolutions of the Uruguay Round’s Multi literal trade negotiations.

Above all to ensure that linkages trade policies, Environmental policies with sustainable growth and development are taken care of by them member countries in evolving a new economic order.