4 Reasons to Invest in Gold ETF

This article focuses on the Reasons to Invest in Gold ETF funds. Gold prices are growing at a rapid pace in India. Investors are also looking forward to investing in gold. But those who are not able to invest directly in gold can invest their monthly savings in gold exchange-traded funds or Gold ETF. These funds offer investors to invest in gold through the mutual fund schemes.

4 Reasons to Invest in Gold ETF:

Prices of Gold are increasing (In 1925 10 gm gold price is Rs. 18.75 and in 2011 it was Rs.26400.00 and now in March 2012 it is traded at Rs. 26575.6)

Gold ETF is easy to buy and sell

No Worry about Theft

Investors Can invest through SIP in Gold ETF.

Gold ETF are attractive for investor who want benefits through rupee cost averaging method through a sIP.

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