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4 Reasons to Invest in Gold ETF

This article focuses on the Reasons to Invest in Gold ETF funds. Gold prices are growing at a rapid pace in India. Investors are also looking forward to investing in gold. But those who are not able to invest directly in gold can invest their monthly savings in gold exchange-traded funds or Gold ETF. These …

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Why do insurers prefer ULIPs?

Insurers love ULIPs for several reasons. Most important of all, insurers can sell these policies with less capital of their own than what would be required if they sold traditional policies.   In traditional ‘with profits’ policies, the insurance company bears the investment risk to the extent of the assured amount. In ULIPs, the policyholder …

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ULIP vs Fixed Deposit

This articles focuses on ULIP vs Fixed Deposit. When it comes time to make investments, individuals are often confused among the different choices that are available. The most common confusion arises between the following methods: ULIP and FD. Which one of them is better? This is an issue that stumps most small investors as they …

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Unit Linked Plans (ULIP) in India

Unit Linked Plans (ULIP) in India are very popular. ULIP is on top in the buzz list in India because it offers more advantages than regular life insurance plans. There are several financial benefits, such as higher returns on investment, partial withdrawal, flexibility to choose life cover, wider fund options, up facilities, free switches, tax …

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