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This article is on the marketing mix of Adecco which focuses on 4P’s of Marketing i.e. product, price, place and promotion. of The Adecco Group, headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, is the second largest provider of human resources and temporary staffing business in the world, and a Fortune Global 500 business. Adecco  was established in 1996 the headquarters of Adecco are located in Glattburgg, Switzerland. Enterprises are engaged in activities such as temporary hiring, permanent work recruitment, outsourcing and consultancy.

Adecco Marketing Mix

With more than 34,000 FTE employees and about 5,200 branches in more than 60 countries and territories around the world, The Adecco Group provides a wide range of services including temporary hiring, permanent recruitment, job transfer, retraining and talent development, as well as outsourcing and consultancy.

They directly hire 700,000 people a day, and the number of employees working under them amounts to up to 3.5 million with the extension of its operations to China.

The company is listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange (ADEN, ISIN CH0012138605) and was founded in 1996 as a result of the merger of French company Ecco and Swiss company Adia Interim. Adia was founded by Henri Lavanchy at Lausanne (Switzerland) in 1957. Ecco was created at the initiative of Philippe Foriel Destezet in Lyon (France). The Adecco Group acquired Olsten Staffing in the United States in 2000, becoming the country’s number one recruitment company. It acquired MPS Group in 2010, and thus became the world’s number one company.

The Adecco Group is the parent of various brands including Adecco Staffing, Euro Engineering, Modis, Spring Professional, Badenoch & Clark, Pontoon, General Assembly, Vettery, YOSS, Adia and Lee Hecht Harrison, among others.

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The Adecco Group is the world’s 11th most attractive company to work for, according to The World’s Best Workplaces rankings for 2019.

Despite an incredible turnover of more than 66 billion Euros, Adecco has proven to be a big player in the world. If it’s a technical company or a service-oriented business, everybody wants to get into business with Adecco for the best in talent creation and recruiting. Adecco provides unique training programs that ensure high-quality personnel and members.

Adecco is the parent company of Adecco Jobs, Spring Specialist, XPE Pharma and Research, Pontoon and Modis.

Here’s a rundown of services / products Adecco’s varied businesses provide the world with:

  • Temporary staffing facilities
  • Human resource consultancy
  • Human resource outsourcing
  • Talent creation
  • Recruitment
  • Talent Hunting

Product in the Marketing Mix Of Adecco – Adecco Marketing Mix

The Adecco Group’s involvement on the international market has enabled hundreds of start-ups and well-established companies to fulfill their needs. Adecco offers the business community access to the best of its workers. Adecco was very descriptive about the services they run, and very qualitative about the talent they have.

Whether it’s recruiting employees or human resource consultancy, Adecco is working with their innovative paradigms that make a company grow out of leaps and bounds. The mission of Adecco is to continue to provide the world with the best of leaders. Adecco implements a model similar to AIESEC, a college-based leadership development program.

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Selected people are educated and given access to the necessary knowledge, and are then prepared for the modern world. Adecco is investing a lot of money, time and brain in strategizing and developing a talent pool, ready to recruit.

Many of the workforce sectors covered by Adecco are: Office, Legal, Professional, Industrial, Financial Position

Place in the Marketing Mix Of Adecco – Adecco Marketing Mix

In Adecco’s Marketing Mix, Adecco has been able to create a environment where work is a option and not a necessity. While the organization offers talent development programs, it also ensures that young people in today’s world are prepared for a tougher future.

Adecco has also sought to establish a friendship with working and unemployed young people from around the world. We have developed an nuanced understanding of industries and disadvantaged youth and are now working to close the gap through initiatives and talent growth programmes.

  • Some of the famous activities and initiatives carried out by Adecco are:• Adecco Street Day: an activity in which young people come to meet professionals to learn the crucial skills needed to pursue the most competitive jobs in today’s world.
  • Internship opportunities: Internships at well-known businesses and organizations are offered to help students develop the required understanding of the entrepreneurial environment.
  • One month CEO: yes! You read it right; one month’s CEO is an program in which one person runs a business for one month. The software has been implemented in 50 countries to date.


Price in the Marketing Mix Of Adecco – Adecco Marketing Mix

Adecco is not a money-making business, but a talent-management company. Adecco is a forum for anyone who wants to do something in life, but has no money to start with. Adecco not only fills the gap and brings new ideas to companies, but also facilitates and organizes events where people can truly discover themselves.

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It has a deep interest in giving back to society, be it the Social Corporal Responsibility or by free internships, Adecco has always sought to support people in need.

Better Work, Better Life is Adecco’s mantra, which says a lot about the steps the organization has taken in the recent past.


Promotion in the in the Marketing Mix Of Adecco – Adecco Marketing Mix

Adecco is an enterprise that does not need a Brand Ambassador; any youth that is put is the Brand Ambassador to the enterprise. Adecco has turned itself into something that encourages people to come and discover their secret talents. Around the same time, the organization supported people and businesses.

The list of happy clients and the list of young people put is no less than a quote for the business. Adecco has always taken the production of talent and the right placement seriously. We arrange internships, free contact with CEOs and opportunities where young people can potentially gain experience.



Adecco is on of the leading recruitment companies hiring employees for its clients worldwide and has a good Marketing Mix. Adecco company is the largest Human Resource provider in Asia.

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