Evaluate Quality of Work Life

QWL programs can be evaluated on the basis of following points:

  1. Fair compensation and job security: The economic interests of people drive them to work at a job and employee satisfaction depends at least partially , on the compensation offered. Pay should be fixed on the basis of the work done, responsibilities undertaken, individual skills , performance and accomplishments. Job security is another factor that is of concern to employees. Permanent employment provides security to the employees and improves their QWL.

  2. Health is wealth: Organizations should realize that their true wealth lies in their employees and so providing a healthy work environment for employees should be their primary objective.

  3. Provide personal and career growth opportunities: An organization should provide employees with opportunities for personal/professional development and growth and to prepare them to accept responsibilities at higher levels.

  4. Participative management style and recognition: Flat organizational structures help organizations facilitate employee participation . A participative management style improves the quality of work life. Workers feel that they have control over their work processes and they also offer innovative ideas to improve them. Recognition also helps to motivate employees to perform better. Recognition can be in the form of rewarding employees for jobs well done.

  5. Work-life balance: Organizations should provide relaxation time for the employees and offer tips to balance their personal and professional lives. They should not strain employees personal and social life by forcing on them demanding working hours,overtime work, business travel, untimely transfers etc.

  6. Fun at workplace: This is growing trend adopted by today’s organizations to make their offices a fun place to work.

  7. The aim of QWL is to identify and implement alternative programs to improve the quality of professional as well as personal life of an organization’s employees.

The factors that influence and decide the Quality of work…