Grievance Handling

Define : Grievance

Defining a grievance is very difficult. However, personnel experts have tried to differentiate between dissatisfaction, complaint, and grievance. In general, dissatisfaction in any form declared orally between employees is known as a complaint. A grievance is often related to work and is reported to the management’s attention. Often this meaning is changed to include the …

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Need of Grievance Procedure

Without an analysis of their nature and pattern, the causes of employee dissatisfaction cannot be removed. The personnel administrator of an organization should go into the details of the grievances and find out the best possible methods of settling them. He should help the top management and the line managers; particularly foreman and supervisors, in …

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Methods of resolving Grievances

Methods of resolving grievance can be divided in to two parts: Decisional Processes: Binding Decisions Non-Decisional (Collaborative) Processes: Managed Negotiations Decisional Processes: Binding Decisions The dispute resolver makes a ruling, judgment or determination on legal and/or factual issues: Arbitration, Adjudication, Reconciliation & Expert Determination are the methods under the decisional procerss. Expert professional dispute resolvers …

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