The Marketing Mix of Adidas – Adidas Marketing Mix

This article is on Marketing Mix of Adidas. One of the famous brands in the footwear and sports industry, Adidas has seen market movements i.e. ups and downs. The company was formed in 1936. Adidas is among the oldest and largest footwear brands in the world. However, organization is of old age, its heart is new. In the 1980s, Adidas faced tough competition from Nike but eventually conquered the competition by targeting young people as well as sports-oriented men. This article will concentrate on Adidas only and not on the other subsidiary of the Adidas group. Here’s the Nike marketing blend.

Products in the marketing mix of Adidas – Adidas Marketing Mix

The Adidas group has four primary subsidiaries. The first is its own brand name-Adidas, which is used in both clothing and footwear. The second is Reebok, which has overtaken Adidas and is one of the leading branches of the Adidas group. The third is Rockpot, which specializes in outdoor shoes, apparel, and accessories, and the fourth is Taylor designed, which focuses on golfing wear, tools, etc. Of all the subsidiaries mentioned above, Reebok is the biggest, followed by Adidas. Adidas has a range of products. The primary feature of Nike is, of course, their sneakers. Adidas shoes, available in various designs and types, are durable and athletic. The secondary product of Adidas is clothing and accessories.

Apparels like t-shirts, skirts, sweatshirts, shorts, etc. are in high demand. Where Reebok is stronger in boots, Adidas is stronger in clothes. The goal of Adidas is to give the best shoes to their customers that combine technology and design. These goods are not dependent on need. In fact, the shoes are bought by customers to fulfill their wishes and wishes. Similarly, clothing is designed for comfort during physical exercise. However, while sport is the main focus, clothing is also used by youngsters as a style statement.

Price In The Marketing Mix of Adidas – Adidas Marketing Mix

Due to the style, design, and promotion, Adidas uses skimming rates as well as competitive pricing.

Adidas uses aggressive pricing to run the mill products, keeping in mind rivals including Nike, Reebok and Puma. However, Adidas uses skimming rates on items that are newly launched on the market and are specially crafted. Apparels of Adidas are continuously using skimming rates and are priced higher due to the brand recognition and brand image of Adidas in the fashion industry. The main market for Adidas is the high-end consumers and upper-middle-class people. Adidas rarely uses penetrative pricing as it would have an effect on Adidas ‘ brand equity. In reality, the higher price point leads to the product quality strategy and, mentally, consumers conclude that higher prices would often equal better quality.

Therefore, Adidas never reduces its costs.

Place In The Marketing Mix of Adidas – Adidas Marketing Mix

The main way in which Adidas is sold is through retail outlets. Adidas has its own exclusive stores in which the content is supplied directly from the product. On the other side, several multi-brand showrooms will also have Nike clothes and accessories at the sale. Such multi-brand showrooms get the items from the distributor. Adidas is also selling its products online. The items are sold through the online channel through the retail stores and Adidas online website.

Therefore the distribution structure of Adidas is as follows: 1) Manufacturing >> Adidas stores >> End customers 2) Manufacturing >> Distributor >> Multi-brand outlets 3) Adidas Manufacturin Unit >> Online E-commerce websites / Adidas website >> End customers Due to Adidas ‘ excellent brand value, the profits are relatively high, which leads to a motivated distribution channel. A happy distribution channel means a successful promotion of the business.

Promotions In The Marketing Mix of Adidas – Adidas Marketing Mix

Adidas sells across various marketing channels, but the bulk of the campaign is focused on advertising and product placements.

Adidas marketing team is known to inject excitement into well-made, highly imaginative and enthusiastic advertising in their customers. Such commercials draw consumers to the company by delivering the right marketing message to the consumer. Adidas ‘ “Impossible is nothing” tagline is, in itself, a very strong message for the company. Since advertising, ad marketing is the second line of Adidas promotion. The strength of the brand is that it has relations with the world’s top players, such as Sachin Tendulkar, Ronaldinho, Lionel Messi, and many others.

Adidas also sponsors several of the biggest teams include France, Real Madrid, Great Britain (in soccer), South Africa (in cricket), and England and many others. Here’s a list of all Nike sponsorships. Under the Nike marketing sheet, there are several very innovative outdoor campaigns as well as marketing activities. Sales discounts and trade deals are also routinely provided by Adidas to its distributor partners in order to facilitate the selling of the brand. It ends the Nike marketing blend.

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