Marketing Mix of Apollo Tyres – Apollo Tyres Marketing Mix

This article gives an overview of the Marketing Mix of Apollo Tyres. Apollo Tyres is a public company that was founded in 1972 and is part of the tyre manufacturing industry.  The company is based in Haryana and Gurgaon. The production facilities are based in Trichur, Vadodra and Pune. Mr. Onkar Kanwar is the chairman of the company whose revenue amounts to Rs. 127.5 billion.

Apollo tyres is the 17th largest tyre supplier in the world. They have received numerous awards for their success in ensuring the quality of their products. In 2006, Apollo bought Dunlop tyres in Africa. Despite a network of around 4500 dealerships in India and about 63% of its sales coming from Asia, the majority of the global revenue comes from Europe and Africa.


Product in the Marketing Mix of Apollo Tyres – Apollo Tyres Marketing Mix

Apollo tyre’s produces tyres, tubes and flaps and is a leading brand on Indian markets and also exports to Middle East, Europe, and Africa. Apollo tyre has launched the radials and also India’s first range of high-speed tubeless car tyres. The types of tyres come by category of vehicles and the main group of Apollo tyres ‘ products are as follows: Passenger car tyres include Radial, Crossply, and SUV Heavy Trucks: Radial and Crossply Trucks and Buses: Radial, Crossply, and Kaizen Tractors: Dura Tread and Dura Tyre.


Place in the Marketing Mix of Apollo Tyres – Apollo Tyres Marketing Mix

Company is Offering the right option to the right customer.  Different attempts are made to consider the needs of the consumer. It is known as the tyre of the market, and its average quality, followed by good results, reinforces this perception. This is a total value for money offer due to high-level technology used in the manufacture of these tyres. Radial and tubeless tyres are the primary products of Apollo’s tyres.


4500 distributors in India including 1200 exclusive Apollo tyre distributors 19 state offices across India 160 sales and service offices 3700 outlets in Europe Will distribute anywhere within 24 hours.


Price in the Marketing Mix of Apollo Tyre’s

Apollo Tyre Marketing Mix has faced strong competition from brands such as JK tyre, MRF, Bridgestone, Ceat, Continental and Goodyear. As if we equate the prices of sedan car tyre tubes with the lower Apollo costs Rs 4300-4500 and JK tyre costs Rs 4000-4200, while Bridgestone costs Rs 5800-6000 per tyre. Truck tire prices as compared Goodyear is within the range of Rs. 12500-13000 and Apollo HCV tyres are roughly Rs. 17000-17500 and Ceat tyres are within the range of Rs. 18000-18500. Thus, the Apollo tyre’s explicitly uses the Penetrative pricing to win the market.


There is also very intense market competition and some companies have prices similar to Apollo, so it must be the quality and service of Apollo that makes it stand out from other companies. While MRF is the overall market leader, there are other product segments where Apollo has a advantage over it. However, compared to its rivals, Apollo tyres has a strong business market share, as it has more relations with the automobile companies.


Promotions in the Marketing Mix of Apollo Tyres – Apollo Tyres Marketing Mix

An array of creative promotional strategies has led Apollo Tyres to become a major name in Asia’s market for tyres. Strategies such as segmenting consumers according to their load and mileage criteria, running tire loyalty schemes, setting up customer interaction schemes to promote healthier driving habits. While with respect to MRF tyre’s competitor and Ceat, Apollo has lower brand value; its brand reputation is growing on a positive note as the Apollo brand inspires Indian tennis players to be able to compete well at the global level.


Marketing campaigns are noticeable and have a valuable marketing approach, as the organization emphasizes practical advantages by emphasizing the reliability, durability and high quality of after-sales support they provide.

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