How to Maintain Good Employee Relations

Following are the ways to maintain better and healthy employee relation:-

  1. Have one to one session in a month where employees can come out with their personal and professional problems.

  2. Give positive feedback in front of all the staff members for the excellent job done.

  3. Employee’s can be rewarded by giving monetary rewards, gift vouchers.

  4. Regular health check ups should be conducted and concession can be given to certain limit for him/her and family.

  5. Movie tickets can be given where one can enjoy with their family on weekends.

  6. Once in 6 months free holiday tour tickets can be given to chill.

  7. Employer can keep party and dinner for the staff members once in a month so that it makes the bond more strong.

  8. Marriage Anniversary / Birthday cards and gifts can be given to the employee. He /She should be given permission either to take leave and spend quality time with his family on that special day.

  9. If employees work extra hours overtime should be paid or bonus can be given for hard working.

  10. Should arrange staff picnics.

  11. Life insurance, health insurance should be given for their safety.

  12. Recreational facilities should be given like free beauty parlor for male and female employees, free juice to keep them healthy, free breakfast, education allowance for him/her and children.

  13. Seminars should be conducted to increase their knowledge and inner potentials.

  14. Transport facilities can be given during rains when its really hard for them to cope and reach on time.

  15. Annual event should be conducted where employee’s can participate and show their talents.

  16. Welfare activities can be conducted on weekends.

  17. Discounts coupons can be given on shopping during Diwali or other festival time.

  18. Free t-shirt with company’s logo or jackets can be given to employees in a year.

  19. Internal job promotion should be encouraged so that employee get opportunity to grow within the organization.

  20. Soft skill training should be conducted on regular basis to make employee’s more confident, skilled and proficient in their work.

  21. Low cost or free meals can be given to employee’s.

  22. Loan facility.

  23. Club membership.

  24. Credit cards.

  25. Health Club.

  26. Club facilities.

  27. Scholarships.

  28. Maintenance of House Accommodation.

  29. Meals passes.

  30. Writing personal notes about good performance to the employees.

  31. Can provide flexible working hours.

  32. Reward with books, CD, photo frame, magazines.

  33. Certificates can be given for excellent performance.

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