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The Basic Motivation Force

A. Needs The best one word definition of a need is a deficiency. In the homeostatic sense, needs are created whenever there is a physiological or psychological imbalance. B. Drives… Read more »

Five Motivational Factors Every Employee Wants From Work Place

What do employees want from work? There are five factors that must be present in your workplace for your employees to be happy and motivated at work. Your employees need… Read more »

Basic Characteristics of Motivation

Basic Characteristics of Employee Motivation are as follows: Effort. This refers to the strength of a person’s work-related behavior. Persistence. This refers to the persistence that individual’s exhibit in applying… Read more »

Objectives of Employee Motivation

Main Objectives of Employee Motivation are as follows : The purpose of motivation is to create condition in which people are willing to work with zeal, initiative. Interest, and enthusiasm,… Read more »

Determinants of Employee Motivation

Traditionally it is believed that employees are motivated by the opportunity to make as such money as possible and will act rationally to maximize their earnings. The assumption is that… Read more »

Importance of Employee Motivation

Motivation can have an effect on the output of your business and concerns both quantity and quality. See it this way: your business relies heavily on the efficiency of your… Read more »

Employee Motivation

Employee Motivation is the core of management. Employee Motivation is an effective instrument in the hands of the management in inspiring the work force .It is the major task of every… Read more »