Objectives of Employee Motivation

Main Objectives of Employee Motivation are as follows :

  1. The purpose of motivation is to create condition in which people are willing to work with zeal, initiative. Interest, and enthusiasm, with a high personal and group moral satisfaction with a sense of responsibility.
  2. To increase loyalty against company.
  3. For improve discipline and with pride and confidence in cohesive manner so that the goal of an organization are achieved effectively.
  4. Motivation techniques utilized to stimulate employee growth.
  5. For the motivation you can buy man’s time. Physical presence at a given place.
  6. You can even buy a measured number of skilled muscular motions per hour or day.
  7. Performance results from the interaction of physical, financial and human resource.
  8. For the achieve a desire rate of production.
Traditionally it is believed that employees are motivated by the…