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Stress Management in Human Resource

Modern life is full of stress. As organization become more complex, the potential for stress increases. Urbanization, industrialization and increase in scale of operation are some of the reasons for… Read more »

Effects of Stress at Work

Modern lifestyle is full of stress. You have not only to cope with challenges at work but also with stress that you take along with you to work. What adds… Read more »

Best Ways for Managing Stress

Some of the Worlds best ways for Managing Stress are: Exercise Physical exercise not only promotes overall fitness, but it helps you to manage emotional stress and tension as well…. Read more »

Best Ways to Reduce Stress

Identify causes of stress. Make honest assessments whether stress is related to your home and family, work or other relationship. Share your thoughts and feelings with your loved ones. Discuss… Read more »

Job Stressors

Jobs Stressors refers to aspects of work that may invoke feelings of anxiety in a person. These are broken down into two groups, work-related job stressors and  people management related… Read more »

Causes of Stress

Best Definition of Stress is as follows: “Situations, circumstances or any stimulus that is perceived to be a threat is referred to as a stressor, or that which causes or… Read more »

Stress Management: How to Reduce, Prevent, and Cope with Stress

Here I am giving you the secret of some Stress Management Strategies which are very useful : A. INDIVIDUAL APPROACHES Time Management: An understanding and utilization of basic time management… Read more »

Ways to Cope with Role Stress

When individuals experience stress, they try to adopt ways of dealing or coping, with it, as they cannot remain in a continual state of tension. The word coping has been… Read more »