Effects of Stress at Work

Modern lifestyle is full of stress. You have not only to cope with challenges at work but also with stress that you take along with you to work. What adds to the problem is that in these difficult times when economy is bad, stress at home and workplace are on the rise.

Workplace stress grows in times of economic crisis. It is not only workers but also the managers and employers who have to come to terms with the changes that they see around them. While employers worry about how to cut budgets, employees are more worried about increased pressures to meet targets to ensure job safety.

Workplace stress can be equally difficult during a better economic condition. It can be caused by extreme pressure to perform beyond your capability or excessive competition and back biting at work. Sometimes high levels of workplace stress are actually caused by the high expectations that one sets from himself/herself.

It is important that you understand the various effects of workplace stress in order to combat the situation effectively. Workplace stress can result in physical, psychological, behavioral and emotional changes that can ultimately result in a poor performance, job loss, monetary issues and other health related issues as well.

Workplace stress can leave you overwhelmed. When you are overcome with a feeling of an impending disaster that seems to be looming large over you, you feel anxious, irritable or depressed. There is a sudden feeling of apathy and lack of enthusiasm and you suddenly loose interest in your work that you may have enjoyed earlier. You get fatigued more quickly and you have trouble in concentrating, which eventually shows on your performance. In fact, it seems as if you no longer have control over your abilities.

In addition, the anxiety and the accompanying stress lead to muscle tension, tension headaches, stomach problems and loss of interest in social activities. Since there is a great possibility that you bring your workplace problems home, you may find a loss in sex drive. Suddenly, the neighborhood pub seems to be the only place where you can drown your worries in alcohol.

If stress is interfering with your performance at workplace, wake up and take care of yourself. It is upon you to manage your life and take control of the situation. Try to assess what is causing the stress. This can sometimes be a very minor issue that you may have perceived as larger than what it really is and you may be able to handle on your own easily if you think it through with a clear head.

Reducing workplace stress may be as easy as joining a gym or doing some exercises at home. Exercising is a great anti-stress remedy that lifts your mood, keeps you alert, helps to focus and relaxes your mind and body. Make some more positive changes like organizing the way you work and take one thing at a time. You will find that it is not very difficult to manage workplace stress.

Some of the Worlds best ways for Managing Stress are:…