Business Idea with Less Investment

Today everyone is looking for a business idea which is helpful for making money. Money making is not so simple. In India we say “Paisa Paise ko Khichta Hei”. I think this is true. But there are many ideas which can make you rich.

So what is the idea or steps to become rich?

No one can teach you these steps. Doing business is not like making a cup of coffee or tea its all about planning in a right direction and appropriate efforts.

No business is big or small. Every good business starts with Zero and reaches heights.  Some of the ideas which require less or zero investment are as follows :

1. Become a Property Broker. This does not require any money but gives you a good income.

2. Start a Local Advertisement Company. Find New Ways to Advertise on Streets and Near good Spots. This can give you good revenue.

3. Start doing Programming or Blog Post writing. Bloggers give money for Post writing and Link Building.

4. Start doing Link Building for Search Engine Optimization.


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