Types of Relationship within the Organization

Type of relationship within the organization
type of relationship within the organization

Relationship influences behavior at work place. People interact with each other formally, informally, officially and socially that may leads to love, hate, respect, disrespect, fear, insecurity, anxiety among each other. Attitude and perception differs from person to person and it leaves impact on the relationship if the message is miss communicated.

An effective Employee Relation involves making work culture, employer & employee relationship, employee & employer relationship an employee & employee relationship more healthy by motivating and raising their morale by giving positive feedback, monetary benefits, challenging work environment, gift vouchers, holidays trips, education concession, and recognition in front of all the staff members. The employee should feel their importance in the organization and not be treated as machine. Employees Idea’s, suggestion, feedback and they should also be included in decision making which can help the management to have varied opinions.

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