Important Issues in Employee Relationship Management

Employee Relation is a much broad concept. It is one of the most important function of the management that is take care by HR department. ER department takes care of employee grievances, employee recognition, and boosting the morale of employees to make the working environment more healthy, live and at the same time fulfills the management’s expectations and maintain the work culture and ethics.

Employee has many issues within the organization that contributes below given conflicts so organization needs to focus on Employee Relations :-

  1. Hinders work productivity and quality.

  2. Frequent absenteeism.

  3. Unhealthy relationship with the employer or immediate boss and colleagues.

  4. Lack of concentration on work.

  5. Frequent breaks, or long break hours.

  6. Coming frequently late to office.

  7. High attrition rate.

  8. Hostile environment on floor.

  9. Not meeting deadlines

  10. Poor target achievement.

  11. Disinterest in the job profile.

  12. Need’s promotion.

  13. Need’s Salary hikes, bonus and other incentives.

  14. Discrimination and Favoritism among employees.

  15. Dissatisfaction with the work and organization.

Thus due to above given issues the work suffers a lot, company has to bear loss and it creates unhealthy work environment which is neither beneficial to management nor the employees.

Relationship influences behavior at work place. People interact with each…