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MBA Projects

Projects4MBA.com assists students in writing MBA Project Reports. MBA Projects in Marketing / Finance / HR / Operation Management / Health Care / Hospital Management / Supply Chain Management, Final Year MBA Projects, Summer Internship, Summer Training Reports, Winter Projects in word format (.doc or .docx), pdf and Powerpoint Presentations, MBA Projects in Marketing, MBA Project in HR, MBA Finance Projects, MBA Projects in Health Care, MBA Projects in Hospital Management, Sample M.B.A. Projects, B.B.A. Final Year Project, Major Research project, Dissertation, MBA Synopsis, HR Project Report, Finance Project Reports. Projects4MBA.com also provide MBA Projects and MBA Project Synopsis for IGNOU (Indira Gandhi National University), GJU, MDU, DU, KU, NMIMS, Bangalore University etc. Projects4MBA.com prepares projects as per University Guidelines.

Projects4MBA.com also publishes content for MBA Projects for helping Final Year MBA Students Projects4MBA Provide Plagiarism-free Content for MBA Students. Projects4MBA.com also provide Research Paper Writing Services. Projects4MBA delivers MBA project reports in 24-48 hours after payment.

We provide MBA Projects in Marketing, MBA Projects in HR, MBA Projects in Finance, MBA Projects in Operations, MBA Projects in Hospital Management, MBA Projects in Healthcare, MBA Projects for Supply Chain Management.

Projects4MBA.com has experience of 20 Years in Research and Research Report Writing. We have provided 190000+ Projects in this time spam. We provide a guarantee that you will like our services. Our Pricing Policy is also transparent and fixed for all students. We do a proper analysis of existing reports, new trends, new articles, research papers before completing our orders. We provide the latest information in our Projects so that students will get accurate, correct, and updated information. We provide plagiarism free content. Chargers for Plagiarism free content are also very nominal. We prepare content based on various reliable internet sources

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Questionnaire for MBA Projects

Some MBA HR Projects 

  • Human Resource Project on Grievance Redressal System
  • MBA HR Project on Stress Management in Banking Sector or any manufacturing industry.
  • Role of HRD Professional in XYZ Organization.
  • Job Satisfaction Level of Employees in XYZ Organization.
  • Employee Motivation level in XYZ Organization.
  • HR Project on HR Practices and Policies in XYZ Organization.
  • HR Project on Recruitment and Selection in XYZ Organization.
  • Analysis of Performance Appraisal process in XYZ Organization
  • Training and Development of Employees in XYZ Organization
  • Need for Training Programme in XYZ Organization.
  • Analysis of Employee Welfare Activities in XYZ Organization.
  • Analysis of Work-Life Balance in XYZ Organization
  • Analysis of Quality of Work Life in XYZ Organization.
  • MBA HR Project on Employee Safety in XYZ Organization.
  • Analysis of CSR in XYZ Organization.
  • Analysis of Executive Development programme in XYZ Organization
  • Analysis of Value Survey of XYZ Organization
  • HR Project on Career Planning in XYZ Organization
  • HR Project on Role of HRIS in XYZ Organization.
  • Employee Satisfaction Survey in XYZ Organization.
  • A Study on factors influencing Motivation level of employees in XYZ Organization.
  • Strategic HRM Practices in XYZ Organization.
  • Human Resource Information System in XYZ Organization.
  • Lean Recruitment in XYZ Manufacturing Organization.
  • Workers Participation in Management at XYZ Organization.
  • Skill Development in XYZ Organization.
  • MBA HR Project on Job Rotation of Employees in XYZ Organization.
  • MBA Project Report on Industrial Relations in XYZ Organization.
  • MBA Project Report on Induction Process in XYZ Organization.
  • MBA Project Report on 360 Degree Performance Appraisal in XYZ Organization.

Some MBA Marketing Projects

  • MBA Marketing Project Report on Satisfaction Level of Customers towards XYZ Organization or XYZ Product or XYZ Services or XYZ Bank.
  • Impact of Social Media Marketing on Small Retailers.
  • A study on Facebook Marketing.
  • A Study on Service Quality Management in XYZ Organization or XYZ Retail.
  • A study on Consumer Behaviour towards XYZ Organization or XYZ Service.
  • Analyze the impact of advertisements on the sales of a particular product.
  • A Study on Brand Image of XYZ Product or Services.
  • Impact of Online Shopping on Small Retailers.
  • E-commerce Trends in India.
  • Analyze the Seller Account of Leading E-Commerce Companies: Amazon, Flipkart, and Snapdeal.
  • MBA Project Report on Advertising Effectiveness of XYZ Company.
  • MBA Project Report on Marketing Mix of XYZ Company.
  • To analyze the Food Delivery System of Swiggy.
  • To analyze the customer satisfaction level towards Ola / UBER / SWIGGY / ZOMATO.
  • Marketing Project on Post Sales Follow-up of Maruti Suzuki Dealership.
  • To analyze the Mall Culture in India.
  • Marketing Project on Visual Merchandising Activities of XYZ Retail
  • Analysis of Sales Promotion Activities of XYZ Retail Store.
  • Distribution channel of XYZ Company.
  • Comparative study of Mobile Companies on the basis of Customer Satisfaction.
  • Customer Satisfaction towards XYZ Life Insurance.
  • Brand Preference of Softdrinks.
  • Analysis of Sales Promotion Activities of XYZ Industry.
  • Analysis of Customer Feedback Towards XYZ Company.
  • Impact of Advertisement on the Brand image of the XYZ Company
  • Impact of Celebrity Endorsement in creating Brand Image of a company.
  • MBA Project Report on CRM [Customer Relationship Management] activities of XYZ Company.
  • MBA Project on Brand Image / Branding Strategy of XYZ Company.
  • Customer Awareness towards XYZ Product / XYZ Services.
  • Study on the Satisfaction level of customers towards After-Sale Services offered by XYZ Company.
  • MBA Project on Brand Positioning of XYZ Company.
  • MBA Project on Market Potential of XYZ Services.
  • MBA Project Report on Mobile Banking In India.
  • MBA project on SWOT Analysis of XYZ Company.
  • Telecom Sector In India
  • Automobile Industry in India
  • Comparative Study of Two Cars.

Some MBA Finance Projects

  • MBA Project Report on the Study of Credit Cards offered by XYZ Bank.
  • Finance Project on Investor’s views towards Share Trading Services offered by XYZ Securities.
  • Finance Project on Portfolio Management Service offered by XYZ Securities.
  • Finance Project on Analysis of Investors view towards Primary Market
  • Finance Project on Working Capital Loans or SME Loans offered by XYZ Banks.
  • A Study on Working Capital Management (WCM) of Any Organization.
  • Comparative Study of Loans offered by Two Banks
  • MBA Project Report on Profitability Analysis of Any Company or Bank.
  • Project Finance on Financial Performance of XYZ Bank or Company.
  • Finance Project on Inventory Management System in a Company.
  • Finance Project on Loan Sanctioning and Recovery Procedure of XYZ Bank.
  • MBA Project on Investors’ views towards XYZ Mutual Funds.
  • MBA Project on Tax Saving Investment Options available to Retail Investors.
  • MBA Project on Retail Banking in India and Retail Banking Services offered by XYZ Bank.
  • Finance Project on Loans offered by XYZ Bank.
  • Project on Financial Statement Analysis of two companies or single Company or Banks
  • Project on Financial Performance of XYZ Company or Bank.
  • Analysis of Internet Banking Services offered by XYZ Bank
  • Comparative Analysis of Internet Banking Services offered by XYZ Bank.
  • MBA Project on Liquidity and Profitability of XYZ Company.
  • Finance Project on Investors’ views towards Demat Services offered by XYZ Industry.
  • Finance Project on Housing Loan Schemes offered by two or three banks.
  • Finance Project on CASA (Current Account and Saving Account) of a Bank
  • MBA Project Report on Investor’s views towards Equity Market.
  • MBA Project Report on Investor’s views towards Equity Linked Saving Schemes.
  • MBA Project Report on Investors view towards Gold Funds
  • MBA Project Report on Analysis of Gold Funds offered by Leading Mutual Fund Companies.
  • MBA Finance Project on study of Banking Process Restructuring of State Bank of India.
  • MBA Project to analyze the Equity Funds of Leading Mutual Funds in India.
  • MBA Project to analyze the compare mutual fund schemes on the Basis of Sharpe Ratio, Standard Deviation, Alpha, Beta, Treynor’s Ratio, Annual Returns, etc.
  • To analyze investment options available to the investors.
  • To analyze and compare Mobile Payment Wallets Paytm and Phone Pe.
  • To compare Mobile Banking Services offered by Two Banks.
  • To compare Payment Gateways.

How to Write MBA Project Efficiently

How to write a good and accurate MBA Project is big question. This guide will help you to write good MBA Project. Read this to prepare your own MBA Project Report. If you dont have time to do it. Call +91-7000318091

1. Executive Summary
This summary must cover all aspects of the project, including what is the problem, what research methodology you have undertaken, which relevant activities you have carried out, what solutions you have proposed, your project learning, and what is the benefit to your organization. This summary should include all aspects of your project report in this section. Executive summaries will serve as a quick flash of the overall project work in a nutshell. It should be written in 1 to 2 pages.

2. Introduction
This part defines the topic introduction. Here we have to write to each and everything related to our topic. This is the theoretical part of your project. Here we have to mention, topic introduction, topic advantages, disadvantages, features, requirements. Relevant Theory related to our project.

3. Profile of organizations
The part must address the Introduction of the organization, vision, mission, and corporate values. Description of the how the company was founded and the goods and services they provided should be included, their work areas, the position and the number of employees, their market share, their competitors, and their awards and achievements, SWOT Analysis, Marketing Mix, Marketing Strategy must be defined in this part.

4. Review of Literature
Here we have to cover Previous work done on the said topic by the research scholars and researchers. We collect their research papers and write a summary of their work.

5. Objectives of the Study
This Objective of the project or study is defined in points. Both Secondary and Primary objectives are defined in this part.

6. Research Methodology
This part is very important for study. Here we will define the methodology which we have followed to collect the data and the ways, methods which we have used to collect the data., Research Design, Type of Research, Sample Size, Data Collection Methods, Area of Survey, Sampling Population, Significance, Scope of the study, Limitations are defined in this part.

7. Data Analysis & Interpretation
Data collected will be analyzed in the chapter with the help of tables, graphs, images, and interpretations are drawn on the basis of data collected and summarized.

8. Observations & Findings 
This part must contain observations and findings based on data analysis and interpretation.

9. Conclusion
The conclusion is drawn on the basis of data collected, analyzed, and interpreted in the previous parts.

10. Suggestions / Recommendations
Suggestions / Recommendations are given on the basis of our research.

11. References/ Bibliography
References / Bibliography is the final part of our report which contains a reference of books, journals, magazines, and websites in their specific and desired format required in your project guidelines.

12 Appendix / Annexures
This part contains the questionnaire on which we have done the survey, published reports, our datasheet, etc.

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