Pitfalls And Problems In Quality Circle

  1. Lack of faith in and support to Quality Circle activities among management personnel
  2. Lack of interest or incompetence of leaders/facilitator
  3. Apathy, fear and misunderstanding among middle level executives
  4. Delay or non-implementation of Circle recommendations
  5. Irregularity of Quality Circle activities
  6. Non-application of simple techniques for problem solving
  7. Lack of or non-participation by some members in the Circle activities
  8. Circles running out of problems
  9. Antagonism of non-members towards Quality Circle operations
  10. Inadequate visibility of management support
  11. Complexity of problems taken up
  12. Non-maintenance of Quality Circle records
  13. Too much facilitation or too little
  14. Language difficulty in communication
  15. Communication gap between Circles and departmental head
  16. Change of management
  17. Confusing Quality Circle for another technique
  18. Resistance from trade unions
Small group of employees – optimum of 8-10 members Members…