Questionnaire on workers involvement in productivity

Sample Questionnaire on workers involvement in productivity :

Q1. Since how many years have you been working with the organization?
a. 0-5 Years

b. 5-10 Years
c. 10 to 15 Years

d. More than 15 Years

Q2 According to your view is there any need of workers involvement in
a. Yes

b. No

c. Can’t Say

Q3. Do you believe that workers participation equally contribute towards the
better relationship between worker and Management & it increases
a. Yes

b. No

c. Can’t Say

Q4. Does the Management provide full information regarding the business & developmental achievement of the company.
a. Very Often

b. Sometimes

c. Never

Q5. What is your view that workers participation in management tend to
a. Increase in production
b. Improve relation between Workers & management
c. Both of them

Q6. Do you give any suggestions to the management to increase productivity ?
a. Very Often b. Sometimes
c. Never

Q7. How is response of the management to the workers participation for
increasing productivity ?
a. Excellent

b. Good
c. Fair

d. No response

Q8. In your organization employees are rewarded on their suggestions for
increasing productivity ?
a. Yes

b. No

Q9. Whether a strong trade union makes the workers participation more effective.
a. Very Strongly

b. Strongly
c. Partially

d. Not at all

Q10. Are you satisfied with the present system of workers involvement in production ?
a. Highly Satisfied

b. Satisfied
c. No so much

d. Not at all

Q11. Do you agree with the management decision on workers involvement in
a always

b sometimes
c Never

Q12. Do you think workers involvement in productivity helps to solve the
grievances of employees in an efficient manner.
a. Yes

b. No

Q13. Do you think workers disputes are resolved with the help of workers
involvement ?
a. Yes

b. No

Q14 Which suggestions would you make for the effective workers participation
in management for improving production?
a. Effective involvement of Top Management
b. Refresher training programme
c. Involvement of employees as members other than the Representative union
d. Motivation made by supervisors

This is a survey questionnaire on the Employee Life Cycle.…