SWOT Analysis of Google – Google SWOT Analysis [Detailed SWOT]

SWOT Analysis of Google covers strength weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

Google is an America based tech giant known for its Search Engine, and Websites, Google Cloud Services, software, and hardware. Google holds a good position among the four major technology players Apple, Amazon, Facebook, and Microsoft. Google was started by Sergey Brin and Larry page in 1998, when they are doing Ph.D. from Stanford University, California. Sundar Pichai is the new CEO of Google he has replaced Larry Page. Google.com is the most visited website in the world.

swot analysis of google

Let’s discuss the SWOT Analysis of Google:

Strength in the SWOT Analysis of Google – Google SWOT Analysis

  • Google is known for its magnificent services: Google Search, Analytics, Adsense, Ad Manager, Tag Manager, Gmail, Keep, Google+, Google Meetings, etc and products Google Android Phones, Google FitBit.
  • Unbeatable Market Share: Google holds an unbeatable market share in its services.
  • Largest Traffic Source of 98% Website across the globe. Bing and Yahoo are not able to compete with Google because of its Search Engine Algorithms.
  • Google believes in continuous change and hence its algorithm is always updated according to the requirements and trends in the industry.
  • Google believes in providing the best results to its customers.
  • Google’s Android is one of the most preferred mobile operating systems.
  • Google does not reveal its search engine algorithm which makes it no. 1.

Weakness in the SWOT Analysis of Google – Google SWOT Analysis

  • Falling Advertisement Rates due to the entry of new players like TikTok, Facebook ads, and many other Ad Networks.
  • Google’s Android is not working on Desktop and Laptop PCs.
  • Google’s Revenue is based on Advertisements.

Opportunities in the SWOT Analysis of Google – Google SWOT Analysis

  • Google is a big giant and its business has endless opportunities as it has resources & a huge employee base.
  • Google’s Android can be launched for Desktop PC’s and Laptops with applications similar or better than Word, Excel, and Powerpoint.
  • Google can acquire big companies like Amazon or Flipkart to give them a tough competition.
  • Google must promote its Google Cloud Hosting, google Adwords heavily on television and Social Media Platforms, and through Adsense program.
  • Google must launch its MINI PC’s to beat all the players in the market.
  • Google can give special emphasis on its Google Voice because google voice search is the future.
  • Google Fitbit is giving close competition to apple watch.
  • Google can do some collaborations and start its services in countries like China, etc.
  • Google can extend its Google Fiber Project in other countries like India, and Asian Countries to reach masses.
  • Google can start B2B E-Commerce companies like Alibaba.com to earn more revenue from the seller and buyers and can also earn advertising and promotion fees from the sellers.
  • Google can invest in good apps like TikTok, Snapchat, Telegram. Google Must put some inputs in a telegram to give a tough competition to Whatsapp. They can also add options like adding an unlimited number of phone numbers on the Broadcast list. can also give options like chat through the app in its app similar to Whatsapp. Google can also provide API Access for Chatting on App so that Company’s and Website owners can directly chat in its program through their software.

Threats in the SWOT Analysis of Google – Google SWOT Analysis

  • Government Policies in a Country can be a major threat to Google.
  • Competitors like Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Kawai, Vigo Video, Dubmash, Likee, etc are its main competitors and their increasing popularity is a major threat of google.
  • New Brave Browser is also a major threat to Google as it has advertisement blockers that don’t show ads on youtube and websites showing any type of ads.


This SWOT Analysis of Google covers strength, weakness, opportunities, and threats of Google. Google is a Market Leader must address this weakness and opportunities to remain number in the market.

Google Search Engine, Google products, and Google Services are very good. Google must try to increase its market share by developing new better apps like Instagram and acquire Telegram to give a tough competition to Facebook Whatsapp.

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