Training Questionnaire

Training is a learning process that involves the acquisition of knowledge, sharpening of skills, concepts, rules, or changing of attitudes and behaviours to enhance the performance of employees.

  • Training is activity leading to skilled behavior
  • It’s not what you want in life, but it’s knowing how to reach it
  • It’s not where you want to go, but it’s knowing how to get there
  • It’s not how high you want to rise, but it’s knowing how to take off
  • It may not be quite the outcome you were aiming for, but it will be an outcome
  • It’s not what you dream of doing, but it’s having the knowledge to do it
  • It’s not a set of goals, but it’s more like a vision
  • It’s not the goal you set, but it’s what you need to achieve it

Training is about knowing where you stand (no matter how good or bad the current situation looks) at present, and where you will be after some point of time.

Worlds Best Employee Training Questionnaire is as follows:
Q1.	Since how many years you are working in the company?
a.	0-5 Years
b.	5-10 Years
c.	10-15 Years
d.	More than 15

Q2.	Do you like to attend  the training program ?
a.	Yes
b.	No

Q3	Do you feel training is necessary for any employee for developing his skills?
a.	Yes
b.	No

Q4.	Training is organized ?
a.	Quarterly
b.	Half Yearly
c.	Annually
d.	Every 2 Years 

Q5.	Since how many years training is being provided?
a.	0-5
b.	5-10
c.	10-15

Q6.	Which technique is most suitable for training ?
a.	On the Job
b.	Off the Job
c.	Depends on Need

Q7.	Which method is most suitable for training ?
a.	Step by Step Instruction
b.	Coaching / Lecture
c.	Conference / Discussions
d.	Programmed Instructions.

Q8.	Do you experience fruitful changes in working efficiency after being trained?
a.	Yes
b.	No

Q9.	Does training improve performance?
a.	Yes
b.	No

Q10.	The Training is provided for short duration or long duration?
a.	Short
b.	Long

Q11.	On what level the training is provided? 
a.	Rigorous
b.	Smooth

Q12.	Does the training enhance organization effectiveness?
a.	Yes
b.	No

Q13.	Do you get innovative ideas during training? 
a.	Yes
b.	No

Q14.	Does training builds up team work?
a.	Yes
b.	No

Q15.	Do training results in adoption to new working methods?
a.	Yes
b.	No

Q16.	Are you satisfied with the training procedure?
a.	Yes
b.	No

Q17.	Do all the employers in your organization attend whole day training ?
a.	Yes
b.	No

Q18.	How long is the training process?
a.	5 to 10	days
b.	10 to 15 days 
c.	15 to 20 days
d.	20 to 25days

Q19.	What type of training is given in your organization ?
a.	on the job
b.	off the job 

Q20.	Do company provide study material before the training program ?
a.	Yes
b.	No
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