Best Questionnaire for Grievance Handling

This is the best questionnaire for Grievance Handling.

Grievance : A grievance is any discontent or dissatisfaction, whether expressed or not, whether valid or not, arising out of anything connected with the company which an employee thinks, believes or even feels to be unfair, unjust or inequitable. – Jucius.

Q1. Is work culture supportive in your organization?

a. Mostly
b. Rarely
c. Sometimes
d. Not at all

Q2. How often you face grievance in your organization.?
a. Mostly
b. Rarely
c. Sometimes
d. Not at all

Q3. Most of your grievance are related to :
a. Work Environment
b. Supervision
c. Workgroup
d. Economic (Salary, Reward, Incentives)
e. Social Injustice

Q4. Whom does you report / share if you have any grievances
a. Superior
b. Colleagues (discussion)
c. Function Head
d. Head of HR department

Q5. How often you complaints and grievance being taken care off ?
a. Mostly
b. Rarely
c. Frequently
d. Not at all

Q6. How much times your superior takes on a complaint (duration of grievance handling process)?
a. 2 Weeks
b. 6 Weeks
c. Indefinite
d. Depends upon level

Q7. To what level the Management is effective in grievance handling?
a. Completely
b. To a certain extent
c. To a satisfactory
d. Not at all

Q8. Please indicate total workload changed during last three years?
a. Workload has decreased
b. Remained the same
c. Workload increased

Q9. Does the upper Management pressure main reason for Grievance –
a. Yes
b. No

Q10. Have you ever faced grievance related to Performance Appraisal Process?
a. Yes
b. No

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Q11. Are you satisfied with the existing grievance handling system of Anant Spinning Mills?
a. Mostly
b. Rarely
c. Sometime
d. Not at a all

Q12. Is the decision taken by the top management related to your grievance is satisfactory?
a. Mostly
b. Hardly
c. Partly
d. Never

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