Marketing Mix of Apple iPhone-Apple iPhone Marketing Mix

In this article, I have tried to analyze the marketing mix of Apple iPhone. A smartphone range developed and sold by Apple Inc. All iPhone generations use Apple’s mobile operating system applications. The first-generation iPhone was launched on June 29, 2007, with the introduction of several updated hardware versions and various iOS updates. iPhone was one of the first phones to use multi-touch features. While Apple failed to obtain a patent for it, it soon became fascinated by the consumer, just like all other Apple products. People appreciated the iphone marketing mix because it was product-oriented and at the same time the technology was great. Here’s something about the Apple iPhone marketing mix.

The user interface is designed around a multi-touch panel, including a virtual keyboard. The iPhone has Wi-Fi and will navigate cellular networks. An iPhone can take photos, play music, submit and receive emails, search the internet, send and receive text messages, capture information, conduct mathematical analyses, and collect voicemail messages. Video recording was a regular option for iPhone 3GS. Other features including video games, reference plays, and social networking can be activated by installing mobile apps. As of January 2017, Apple’s App Store featured over 2.2 million iPhone apps.


Apple launched twelve versions of iPhone devices, each followed by one of the twelve new iOS OS updates. The first-generation iPhone was a GSM phone and established precedents in style, such as a button positioning that continued across all launches, and a screen size retained over the next four generations. The iPhone 3 G introduced 3 G network connectivity, followed by iPhone 3GS with improved hardware, iPhone 4 with metal shell, higher monitor size and front-facing camera, and iPhone 4S with improved hardware and Siri voice assistant. The iPhone 5 featured a taller,4-inch (100 mm) monitor and the recently released Lightning connector from Apple. Apple launched the iPhone 5S in 2013 with upgraded hardware and a fingerprint reader (marketed as’ Contact ID’) and the lower-cost iPhone 5C, a variant of the 5 with plastic casings instead of aluminum. The bigger iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, both versions containing 4.7-to-5.5-inch (120 to 140 mm) screens, followed. The iPhone 6S was released the next year, offering hardware improvements and support for pressure-sensitive touch inputs, as well as the iPhone SE— which featured 6S hardware with the 5S’s smaller form factor. Apple released the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus in 2016, introducing a water-resistant, upgraded device and graphics output, a modern rear dual-camera configuration on the Plus edition, and different colour variations while eliminating the 3.5 mm headphone jack used on previous versions. The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus launched in 2017, incorporating a rear glass and enhanced screen and video. The iPhone X was launched alongside the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, with its highlights being a near-bezel-less design, an updated camera and a modern facial recognition feature, called Facial ID, albeit with no home button, and thus no Touch ID. In September 2018, Apple unveiled 3 modern iPhones, iPhone XS, an enhanced variant of the iPhone X, iPhone XS Max, a bigger edition later discontinued. Apple launched 3 new iPhones on September 10, 2019, iPhone 11 Pro Max, and lower-end iPhone 11.


The first-generation iPhone was identified as “revolutionary” and a cell phone industry “game-changer.” Subsequent iPhone versions have received recognition. The iPhone is one of the world’s most popular devices, and its popularity has been credited with helping Apple become one of the world’s most successful publicly listed firms. Apple has sold over 2.2 billion iPhones in 2018.

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Product in Marketing Mix of Apple Iphone – Apple Iphone Marketing Mix

  • IOS operating system–The first and foremost product people enjoyed in the iphone was access to the world-famous Apple iOS operating system. The Macbook is possibly the most common laptop, and the iPhone gave access to an operating system similar to Macbook, which was iOS. As Android and Windows operating systems arrived on smartphones later, Apple was able to spell out its mobile operating system to its customers.
  • Processing speed–Just the operating system was not enough to attract customers, it also needed processing speed. iPhone hardware was consistent with the software and the OS used to run smoothly. Thus, the high processing speed also lends a hand to the success of the drug.
  • Apple to Apple Contrast–iPhone does not equate itself with other firms, although it is known from time to time to kill competition. But if you notice deals from Apple, they will be independent of the competition. Apple focuses on its latest version of the iPhone compared to its previous models. As a result, on the commodity level, Apple does not compete with other smartphones. In Apples view other smartphones are copying Apple UI and Features.
  • Itunes, apple store and exclusive software–Ipod arrived before iPhone and the Itunes store itself arrived at being at that time. Till date, Itunes is the main feature of Apple Iphone’s. The Apple store has more applications than the Google Play Store, which is a credit to Iphone’s large developer network. Itunes, Apple store and the developer network are also secondary goods for iPhone.

Marketing Mix of Apple iPhone

Price in Marketing Mix of Apple Iphone-Apple Iphone Marketing Mix

  • Skimming Price–Little clarification is needed for the price of Apple iPhone. With a premium target, and with a product and promotion to endorse targeting, iPhone has a skimming price. It is priced higher than other phones on the market. Samsung has recently launched a range of iPhone rival phones. But Apple’s consumers are not budging, and they remain still loyal to the Apple brand and iPhone.
  • No discounts–Another important thing to find in Iphone’s pricing strategy is that it does not offer any discounts. Discounts can, however, be provided in the form of sales promotions or trade deals. Yet otherwise, there is no discount on the iPhone. A uniform price is maintained in the industry.


Place in Marketing Mix of Apple Iphone-Apple Iphone Marketing Mix

iPhone Marketing Mix Available around the globe with a great backup service–iPhone is available in many countries and nations and is considered to offer an outstanding backup service across many of these countries. Apple Iphone’s target is premium consumers, which is why it can only be found in A grade cities.

I-stores are situated in Premium Places and Malls –iPhone has branded its retail counter as I shop in line with Apple’s full product range, beginning with I, resulting in direct personal contact with the consumer. These Apple stores are situated in malls and luxury areas in major cities throughout the country’s entire network.

Distribution takes place via CNF, Traditional retail or Distributor and Amazon–All traditional retail outlets are sold via iPhone via a carrier and forwarding agent. On the other hand, individual retailers are supplied with the product through distributors. Finally, I-stores, which are exclusive showrooms, will obtain the product directly from the manufacturer at the highest discounts possible.

Corporate tie-up–Apple also has a corporate sales team for iPhone, which has corporate, tie-ups for the product. As Blackberry announced its departure from the smartphone market, Apple iPhone quickly came into the picture and did several corporate tie-ups to replace it as a smartphone for all the top CEOs and executives who had previously used Blackberry. It could then take over the big market share left over by Blackberry.


Promotion in Marketing Mix of Apple Iphone- Apple Iphone Marketing Mix

Above The Line Promotion– Iphone promotions are considered to be amazing and could range from a full front-page ad to product launch, radio promotions, television and everything else. Whenever a new phone is launched, be sure to see the iPhone all over the world, on every above the line site. Since they reach the premium market, the presence of Apple iPhone in the above the line market is higher than in the segment. The interesting thing here is the taglines in the newspaper advertisements, as many of the iPhone advertisements are considered to have the most creative taglines for the new phone.

iPhone uses out-of-home advertisements with hoardings and point-of-sale ads in big retail outlets. It also makes use of different types of sales promotions and exchanges of deals to draw customers through its marketing.

As you can see, the Marketing Mix of Apple iPhone is one of the best marketing blends, since the main element–the product–is solid. When you read the SWOT Analysis of the iPhone, you will find out the different strengths of the company and the device. As the product is good and sponsored by the ads, this means that 2 P’s are quite intact for the Apple iPhone. The other 2 P’s–Price, and Place make a strong contribution to making Apple iPhone one of the best-selling smartphones on the market. This article was primarily focussed on Marketing Mix of Apple iPhone. In this article Marketing Mix of Apple iPhone I found that iPhones are designed to do everything which a smartphone can do and has more apps.

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